Life Story – A Legacy

Listening is an act of love; we take that one step further and preserve the spoken word, turning memories into memoirs.

The Legacy Programme creates a way for you to renew, relive and relate your memories to share with family and friends. Using modern media we can record a series of ‘life story’ interviews with you, although in the majority of cases all it takes is one 50 minute session. We will edit the material and create the final production on USB memory stick which will then be packaged in a beautiful presentation box for its safekeeping.

Together we will produce a priceless keepsake for you as well as your friends and family, which can be cherished forever.


Telling the Story
We encourage you to spend time reminiscing and gathering photos, letters and other keepsakes to help stimulate memories. You can tell your stories to us first-hand, or choose to be interviewed by family or friends.

Recording Day(s)
Maintaining a sensitive approach we will check sound levels and ensure your comfort. We will then guide you with groups of questions designed to help you easily talk about your life. The length of the recording session will depend on your enthusiasm or indeed fatigue, as talking can be tiring, we will be guided by you.


Viv is a qualified counsellor and adheres to the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) code of ethics.