Digital Guestbook

Due to technical issues, this service is currently suspended. We are planning on reinstating it as soon as possible.

Planning a wedding or some other important ceremony ?

Instead of the “run of the mill” guestbook, why not have an audio version instead?

It’s much easier for your guests to get their message across and it’s a more personal keepsake for you.

Capture the emotion of the day.

Everyone likes to have a means by which friends and family can record a message for them on their special day, this has usually been in the format of a handwritten note in a guestbook or maybe via video. My offer is to come along to your event, be it a wedding, birthday or some other important occasion and record some personal messages for you. People tend to be able to get across a personal message or thought better on audio than in writing. This media captures the emotion of people’s voices and the occasion itself whilst not discouraging your guests by pointing a camera at them.

It is also possible to include the music of your choice (subject to copyright) and more importantly we can include friends and family who are unable to attend the event. We do this via a dedicated telephone line, it’s so simple all it takes is a phone call to leave a message on our up to date equipment. The message is then incorporated into the final production.

Call us for further details and to discuss your options