Family History or Collective Memory Bank

Family History

Taking advantage of your next family gathering is an ideal opportunity to gather memories and preserve your family history for future generations. A little preparation by yourself is all it takes and we will do the rest, from providing preparation ‘crib’ sheets, to recording, editing and creating the final product on a USB memory stick which will then be packaged in a beautiful presentation box.

Everyone likes to feel that they are important so encourage that feeling by asking your family members for their help in capturing memories for the family history. Some people will be very motivated while others perhaps not so but if they have enough notice and use the ‘crib’ sheets we will produce you will find that even those who showed little initial interest will warm to the idea and produce some unexpected gems when the time comes for sharing.

By taking advantage of a time when the family is together you can give this gift of love to each other and keep it for future generations ensuring treasured memories are not lost.

It often happens that not all the family can get together at the same time. In this case we provide facilities whereby people can phone into a dedicated phone line and leave their message for inclusion in the final production. No-one needs be left out.


A similar format can be used to create a Collective Memory Bank for a group of any size, be this for an Organisation (Scout Group, WI etc), Town or Village, a Nationality or Culture. As one person’s memories create their personality, in the same way a group’s memories build its collective character too.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and the options.


With our skills, experience and technology Croft Productions can produce your full project for you. However if you only need part of our services, we are happy to support your project by providing only those you require.